What is ROFATA?

Kiikenomaga Kikenjigewen Employment & Training Services (KKETS) developed a Proposal through Canada’s Skills and Partnership Fund whch was signed and passed in June 2013 RoFATA Proposal.


The Ring of Fire Aborginal Trainng Alliance is an established partnership with Kiikenomaga Kikenjigewen Employment & Training Services, Noront Resources Ltd. and Confederation College. On October 3rd 2012 a memorandum of understanding was signed acknowledging the willingness to work cooperatively to plan, promote, secure funding, delver and expand the opportunities for the development of a highly skilled workforce for activities associated with the Ring of Fire.



The objectives of RoFATA is to recruit 422 Matawa First Nation Members and to provide 260 participants with access to skills development in demand driven occupations linked to the Ring of Fire, upon successful completion of training, 196 trainees will be hired through Noront and additional partners through KKETS developments.


Trainings Offered through RoFATA:


Mining Readiness

Environmental Monitoring

Security Guard

Remote Camp Cook

Remote Camp Support

Underground Common Core

Underground Diamond Driller Helper

Heavy Equipment Operator


Apprenticeship Skilled Trades


Pre-Trades Carpentry

Pre-trades Electrical

Pre-Trades Plumber

Pre-Trades Welder

Pre-Trades Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic

Construction Craft Worker


For further details on training and training dates please contact the office at 1-888-688-4652 or 768-4470

Download the RoFATA Application Form