Construction Craft Worker Training Program

The Construction Craft Worker Training Program is a newly developed program partnered with Discovery House for Matawa First Nations Members.


Discovery House Units are being built in remote Matawa First Nation communities! KKETS is seeking youth (ages 16-30) from Matawa First Nations who are interested in
learning skills in contruction and are ready to commit to a 3 year training and employment program. Training will take place in your home community, Orlando, Hamilton and
CFB Bordon in Southern Ontario. People on Ontario Works are encouraged to apply!

Some of perks you will receive during this course are:

• 3 year training and construction experience (road, facility, construction design)
• Training allowance that doesn’t interfere with OW
• Ready for work program with basic business concepts
• Full time work opportunities available in the communities after completion

Please send in your application to your local Matawa Employment Community Counsellor or contact Daren Sakanee, Discovery House Project Coordinator or Wayland Moonias, Discovery House Project Coordinator at 807-768-4470, /