KKETS Staff Listing


Carol Achneepineskum

Executive Director

Email: cachneepineskum@matawa.on.ca Ext. 4479

Cell: 629-7447

Rebecca Mattinas

Executive Assistant

Email: rmattinas@matawa.on.ca Ext. 4480

Cell: 630-6825

Veronica Ramadan

Finance Controller

Email: vramadan@matawa.on.ca Ext. 4474

Cell: N/A

Lloyd Roe

Data Entry Clerk/Intake & Referral

Email: lroe@matawa.on.ca Ext. 4483

Cell: N/A

Mellissa Gagnon

Intake & Referral Clerk

Email: mgagnon@matawa.on.ca Ext. 4485

Cell: N/A

Joanne Bird

Employment Community Coordinator Officer

Email: jbird@matawa.on.ca Ext. 4491

Cell: N/A

Edee Edwards

Main Receptionist

Email: kkets-reception@matawa.on.ca Ext. 4470

Cell: N/A


Carolyn Zadnik

Project Coordinator

Email: czadnik@matawa.on.ca Ext. 4477

Cell: 630 – 8989

Una Petten

Project Assistant

Email: upetten@matawa.on.ca Ext. 4488


Harriet Matthews

ASAP Finance Clerk

Email: TBD Ext. TBD

Cell: N/A

Kathleen Maletta

Post-Secondary/Communications Officer

Email: kmaletta@matawa.on.ca Ext. 4498

Cell: 630 – 0251

Gene Nowegejick

Client Support Officer

Email: gnowegejick@matawa.on.ca Ext. 4492

Cell: 630 – 0251

Jacqueline Gagnon

Client Support Officer

Email: jgagnon@matawa.on.ca Ext. 4484

Cell: 630-0251

Janet Napash

Client Support Officer

Email: jnapash@matawa.on.ca Ext: 4489

Cell: N/A

Narcise Kakegabon

Client Support Officer

Email: nkakegabon@matawa.on.ca Ext. 4482

Cell: 630 – 0251

Flora Moonias

ASAP Administrative Clerk

Email: fmoonias@matawa.on.ca Ext. 4500

Cell: N/A


Angie Britt

NEAT Program Manager

Email: abritt@matawa.on.ca Ext. 4472

Cell: N/A

Andy Nieweglowski

Employment Integration Officer

Email: anieweglowski@matawa.on.ca Ext. 4481

Cell: 474-7074

Elaine Keesick

Employment Integration Services Assistant

Email: ekeesick@matawa.on.ca Ext. 4492

Cell: N/A

Rachelle Quisses

Administrative Assistant

Email: rquisses@matawa.on.ca Ext. 4493

Cell: N/A

Jason Bilcowski

NEAT Recruitment Officer

Email: jbilcowski@matawa.on.ca Ext. 4473
Daren Sakanee

NEAT Project Support Officer

Email: dsakanee@matawa.on.ca Ext. 4473

Cell: N/A

Vivian Bird

NEAT Project Support Officer

Email: vbird@matawa.on.ca Ext. 4502

Cell: N/A

Syndyn Baxter

NEAT Administrative Assistant

Email: sbaxter@matawa.on.ca Ext. 4503

Cell: N/A

Courtney Ward

Apprenticeship Officer

Email: cward@matawa.on.ca Ext. 4481

Cell: N/A

Employment Integration
Services Program

It is our goal to build community capacity and increase Matawa First Nations’ members’ participation in the current labor market workforce and local economy. Employment opportunities through the Employment Integration Services Program (EISP) which will enable the participants to compete in the labour market.

Nishnawbe Education
and Training

The main objective is to provide training for employment opportunities for Matawa First Nation Community Members.

Independent Programming

KKETS offers Independent Programming. In order to provide an Aboriginal Workforce it is essential that individual opportunities are provided. Learn what the Individual Programming under the ASETS agreement are.


If you are a Matawa Member, ASAP can help you get the confidence and skills you need to succeed. Expect a stress-free transition from education to training to employment, ultimately to a career that is right for you.