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Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ISETS)


Dave Neegan, Executive Director
Ila Beaver: Executive Assistant
Roxann Shapwaykeesic: ISETS Manager
Angela Sofea: Intake and Referral Officer
Vacant: Indigenous Employment Wellness Counsellor
Bentley Cheechoo: Employment Community Coordinator (ECC) Program Officer

Community members who live in-community are encouraged to access our funding through the Employment Community Coordinators:

Robinson Meshake: Aroland ECC
Stephen Peltonen: Constance Lake ECC
Ricky Ostamas: Eabametoong ECC
Jessie Waboose: Ginoogaming ECC
Chris Moonias: Marten Falls ECC
Vacant: Neskantaga ECC
Mariah Wabasse: Nibinamik ECC
Travis Spence: Webequie ECC

To apply to become an ECC in vacant communities please visit: 
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The ISETS program was developed to address barriers to employment through training, pre-employment supports, mobility supports, job search, wage subsidies and job creation funding.

Our mission is to give the tools to Matawa community members to find new or more meaningful employment opportunities. Our 10 year funding agreement includes: Aroland FN, Constance Lake FN, Eabametoong FN, Ginoogaming FN, Marten Falls FN, Neskantaga FN, Nibinamik FN, and Webequie FN.

Long Lake #58 members will need to contact their representative; George Muckaday to access ISETS funding.

ISETS is based on three strategic priorities:
  • Demand-driven skills development in the trades
  • Partnerships with the private sector, and across all levels of government
  • Accountability for improved skills

ISETS focuses on the trades. To be eligible for funding you must have an acceptance letter from a certificate training program 40 weeks or under in length. Each application is reviewed to determine eligibility. 

To access ISETS or any other KKETS programming please download and complete the KKETS Universal Intake Form. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing. 

Download Application Here

The Targeted Wage Subsidy program is designed to encourage employers to hire individuals. This program is a cost shared program at the proportions negotiated between KKETS and the employer, at a wage rate not to be less than legislated minimum wage. KKETS will fund the employer by 50% of minimum wage. The Target Wage Subsidy program is designed to support on-the-job training for Matawa members who encounter employment barriers when entering the workforce.

A Job Creation partnership provides individuals with opportunities through which they can gain work experience which leads to ongoing employment and help individuals to obtain skills for employment, ranging from basic to advanced skills. This fund is reserved for businesses who would not normally hire due to financial constraints.

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