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Mawachintoon Anishnabe Miijim 

The KKETS Mawachintoon Anishnabe Miijim (M.A.M.) Program will continue to foster partnerships between northern and isolated communities, major food banks, and charities as well as continue to strengthen and strengthen food security. Partnerships between isolated communities and food banks, food banks, and other charitable organizations mark an important step towards seeding food sovereignty and reducing food insecurity in the North.
The goal of the M.A.M. program is to assist in the creation of resilient healthy Matawa communities and economies built on land-based programs and abundant local food. By growing healthy people, community, land, food, and economy M.A.M. want to help transform people’s lives by building their confidence, skills, and self-esteem. Ultimately helping members to:
 build their skills and self-confidence.
 Revitalizes the ability of Indigenous nations to be self-sufficient and economically resilient.
revitalize the culture of food production in the community.

Partnership Development

Wiiche’iwaymagon Partnership Signing - bulk food purchasing partnership development with MKO, SLAAMB, Mushkegowuk Councils, and Island Lake Tribal Council supported by Nutrition North Canada to create a buying group. The need for a larger distribution area to service the First Nation in Manitoba and Northern Ontario will increase the community members’ access to lower-cost food supply alternatives for our nation.

Capacity Development

  • Miijim Worker training 
  • Shipping harvesting equipment to communities. 
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The NNC survey tool has been completed, finalized, and has been approved from the Research Ethics Board (REB) (Lakehead University). Nothing About Us, Without Us: Exploring the Current and Potential Impact of the Nutrition North Subsidy through Community-Based Criteria.