KKETS Adult Education Program (KAEP)

  • Overview

    The KIIKENOMAGA KIKENJIGEWEN Employment and Training Services, KKETS Adult Education Program (KAEP) is a one-of-a-kind education training program. It is a program specially designed for Matawa First Nation community members. This adult education program helps students to get their high school diploma and the academic credits they need to pursue college, university or skilled trades training.

    Our program supports students both inside and outside the classroom. Therefore it is specific to individual learning styles, cultural, and emotional needs.
    Furthermore, as a Matawa Member, KAEP can help you get the confidence and skills you need to succeed. As a result, you can expect a stress-free transition from education to training and to employment. Above all, you will be led to a career that is right for you.

Harvesters Support Grant


Tracey Willoughby, Special Projects Manager


KKETS will implement a three (3) year Harvesters Assistance Program for the five (5) remote Matawa communities. Eligible activities will include community feasts, community hunts, community food sharing events, activities and/or items, investment in the freezer(s) for wild game and other foods harvested, land-based teaching, purchase of equipment and supplies, purchase of harvesting/hunting equipment, outdoor clothing, footwear and shelter, licenses and training costs for new harvesters cooking equipment, community hampers, school nutrition programs, and direct food access by community members.

Mashkosii Ojibik Apprenticeship Program


Courtney Ward, Apprenticeship Manager
Devon Meekis, E-Learning Coordinator
Will Robinson, Apprenticeship Coach/Mentor
Bentley Cheechoo, Apprenticeship Coach/Mentor


Purpose and Objectives include:
  • Removing barriers and obstacles so its First Nation members can be ready for employment opportunities and overcome challenges in order to sustain their employment
  • Increasing number of skilled trade workers and journey persons among Matawa First Nations communities by attaching apprenticeship opportunities to current construction projects and or assisting participants with many years of skilled trades experience challenge the final exam to obtain Journeyperson status
  • Supporting the development of a dynamic Indigenous workforce, increasing their participation in the labour market
  • Connecting Indigenous job seekers to potential employers
  • Ensuring the First Nation participants have mental health care and the wrap-around services available to sustain their future